Work with Me!

Want to collaborate on a shoot? I’m extremely interested in working with other photographers, models, makeup artists (MUAs), and other fun and creative people to gain real-world experience and produce exciting and dramatic images. If you have a concept to try or a skill set to contribute, please contact me, especially if you are in the 85501 ZIP code!

Already joining a shoot with me? Here are some ground rules and expectations to review (please suggest improvements if you have any):

* If this is a TFP shoot, no money is involved. Everyone is agreeing to volunteer their time and expertise in order to create some awesome photos. Photographers agree to give images from the shoot to the models and other collaborators involved as compensation. Models and makeup artists, etc, agree to grant photographers full permission to share and use the images for portfolio and promotional purposes, both online and in print. For further discussion about how a TFP arrangement typically works, click this description. Due to my busy schedule, I currently accept only a very small number of TFP shoots.

* Whether or not money is involved, we expect everyone to show up on time and maintain a professional attitude in order to make these shoots work well. If you are running late or have an emergency, please at least inform a coordinator as soon as possible so we’re not left hanging. Everyone’s participation is essential in the collaboration effort.

* Photographers: Bring along any portable equipment you would like to use. I’m happy to let other people use my equipment (flashes, umbrella, stands, etc), but it’s often best to have your own familiar equipment.

Please help each other out as lighting assistants, etc. If the purpose of the shoot is to enable multiple photographers to learn together, limit yourself to 5-10 minutes working with the model and then give someone else a chance to shoot. If other photographers are asking if they can shoot yet, it’s often a good sign you are past your time limit. Feel free to take out the stopwatch if necessary to enforce this policy.

The amount of work you want to do on the photos you before sharing them with other collaborators is up to you, but please complete your edits and upload images within two weeks after the shoot. High-resolution photo files should be provided to the models, makeup artists, and other collaborators involved directly with the shoot. If you desire to use watermarks, they should be discreet and out of the way, not plastered over the body or face.

* Models: Your safety and security are our top priority. You should never feel forced to do something which makes you uncomfortable, whether it’s hanging off a steep ledge, posing with less clothing than you’d like, receiving unwanted advances, etc. If in doubt, please bring up your concern with a coordinator.

* Everyone: In the unlikely event that security guards show up (just doing their job), KEEP YOUR COOL. A coordinator will explain that we are learning photography together. If we are still asked to move along, please MOVE ALONG. This scenario is unlikely to happen if we are discreet and respectful in the first place, but if we are on private property, they have the right to ask us to leave for any reason. Arguing with security guards does not help.

Partners, Collaborators, and Recommended Links

* Andrew Sherman Photography – “Elevating Artists Through Iconic Portraiture.” I help artists and performers capture the attention of people who can to take them to the next level. I do this by creating iconic portraits that clearly express their unique talent.

* Manic Designs by Rachel Riot – Manic Designs is an independent fashion line by emerging designer Rachel Riot that collaborates Heavy Metal music and timeless Vintage styles from the 40’s through the 60’s to create edgy and unique womens apparel.

* Obseshen – A new way to discover and shop the perfect accessories for your home. Get inspiration and tips for home decorating from our designers. Each item is custom made to order so you can get your style and color.

* Sunnyvale Art Gallery and Cafe – “Building Community through Art!” Our mission is to help cultivate and promote the art culture here in the South Bay. Constantly evolving, we are an art gallery, cafe, art supply store, and flower shop.

* Wedding Photographer Scottsdale – Classic Digital Photography, LLC a Scottsdale Wedding Photographer specializes in relaxed portraits.

* Zaarly – “We exist, as a company, to enable people everywhere to make money doing what they love.” Zaarly was created to help bring communities closer together, and a marketplace built on trust, honesty, and community. Welcome to a better future.

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